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Animal Bites services offered in Houston and Spring, TX

If you or a loved one experiences an animal bite injury, the skilled providers at Houston Medical ER in Houston and Spring, Texas, are here for you. Board-certified and board-eligible physicians, as well as ER-trained registered nurses, offer an array of treatments for animal bites to help you heal and reduce the risk of infection. To receive care for an animal bite, call Houston Medical ER or walk in today. 

Animal Bites Q & A

What animals bite people?

Many animals, including family pets and wild animals, can bite you and cause injuries. Animal bites could result because of the following animals:


  • Dogs
  • Cats
  • Snakes
  • Raccoons
  • Squirrels
  • Ferrets
  • Rats
  • Bats
  • Other wild animals


Any time you or your child gets bit by an animal, seek medical attention as soon as possible and be on the lookout for signs of an infection.

What are the common signs of an infection after animal bites?


If you have an infection caused by an animal bite, you may experience:


  • Warmth
  • Redness
  • Fever
  • Red streaks near the bite
  • Pus
  • Pain
  • Swelling


It’s best to treat infections early, as they can increase in size and become serious in some cases. 

Why do animals bite?

Most of the time, animal bites aren’t provoked. However, teasing animals or family pets can increase your or your child’s chance of getting bit. If a wild animal bites you for no apparent reason, it could be ill or have rabies.


To reduce the risk of animal bites, never reach your hands out toward wild animals, chase them, or try to feed such animals. Avoid getting close to animals who are trying to protect their young and don’t play aggressively with pets.

Do I need treatment for animal bites?

Any time you or a family member gets bit by an animal, it’s important to get evaluated by a medical professional – even if the bite doesn’t seem that serious. Animal bites can result in bacterial or rabies infections, embedded teeth within a wound, or blood vessel and nerve damage. 

How does my provider diagnose and treat animal bites?

To find out if you have an infection caused by an animal bite, your Houston Medical ER specialist discusses your medical history, accident history, and symptoms with you. They check your vital signs, examine the bite area, and may order X-rays to check for bone fractures or hidden debris or blood tests for signs of infection. 

To treat animal bites, the Houston Medical ER team cleans the wound, numbs it if needed, and closes the wound using staples, stitches, or medical tape when necessary. 

They might prescribe antibiotics or other medications or give you a tetanus shot. Keep the treated area clean and dry, and watch it carefully for signs of an infection. You might take over-the-counter pain medicine temporarily to reduce any discomfort.

If you or a loved one has animal bites, call Houston Medical ER or simply walk in today.

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